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End-User License Agreement

By using the services provided by this server, you must accept the following End-User License Agreement.


Absolutely no warranty is given on availibility, good function, security, integrity of the services provided via this server, expected the warranty of refund approximately proportional to the unavailability duration of the service. (in a nutshell, there is no warranty, except if you are paying for a service, and in that only case you will get refund of the unavailability periods)


Nothing to say here. I just own all the data you give to me, and I could never provide any proof that I am not doing anything bad with them. Please, do not give them if you do not want me to know them.

Speaking of cookies, it is entirely your choice to tell your computer to save or not the cookies I propose to it.

One of my goals with this server is, however, to enable people to improve their privacy on the Web, so a priori I will not share your data, and under no circumstances I will share them for trading or advertisement without your prerequisite agreement. In general, they are only stored during the time they are needed for their normal use, as well as residually in temporary logs for statistics (totally anonymous) and maintenance. No user tracking system is set.

The server runs quasi-exclusively on libre softwares, generally designed to respect users' privacy.


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